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Are You a Human with Feelings?

Do you find yourself thinking "W.T.Heck with the feelings?"

We all have them. Some of us may be confused by them or wonder why we even have them.

If you're one of those humans that needs a little help with understanding those feeling, check out The Four Corners of Feelings courses and stop being confusing about how you feel!




My biggest takeaway from today’s presentation: create affirming self-talk. … I like [the idea of] measuring thoughts. By it, you feel expansive or contractive."

Carrie Miller

Cincinnati EPA offices (workshop attendee)

She is very effective and I would consider her an expert in her field. … [Communications coaching] is the best business investment I have ever made."

Melissa OsikaBroker

Associate, McColley Real Estate

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Coach Kiki

Hi, I’m Coach Kiki. My real name is Kealah (KEY-la) Parkinson, & I’m a Communications Coach who loves big brains & wide words. I was once painfully shy, but now I host a podcast, speak to large audiences, & train others in how to “Speak your truth with confidence.”

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