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Communications Coaching Services

for Families as Teams

Thank you for valuing your family’s growth, together & individually, through Communications Coaching. With the strategies & services outlined below, the Find Your Voice Family Exploration coaching series will identify the strengths & challenges in your family’s communication, plus connect specific tools to individual needs for each of the people who receive coaching in your family, to help you cycle out of fight-or-flight in the moment & to communicate with clarity, focus, confidence & integrity—including your self-talk!

Over this 60-day commitment, your family will receive:

Direct, one-to-one coaching for at least one adult decision-maker in the household to model & set the tone for other family members

Coaching for the family member(s) who is/are most in need of tools—to the best of their willingness & agreement

5 one-to-one coaching sessions per month to be divided among family members as determined, together with Coach Kiki, over a two-month interval*

(*These session will be slated at approximately every other week per person for the duration of one

hour each.)

Discounted from the normal $125 single session value, this series offers the 5, one-hour sessions at only $100 per session, totaling $500 per month. With the two-month, or 60-day, commitment level, you have the opportunity to explore individual needs/strengths/challenges, partner with tools & practice at a personal level. We determine together the individual & family meetings to serve you best. Payments may be broken into two separate installments.

We meet at your preferred location (or Zoom, depending on your preference/geographic ability). The coaching series & each session is framed around The 3 Keys to Communication© & the principles of individuation. (Learn more at Note that each “key” follows its own 6-session series of coaching sessions; these will be rolled out consecutively with each individual. Coach Kiki will be responsible for tracking your progress, goals & homework through The Coaches Console CRM system, a private database that you also have lifetime access to, during & after coaching.)

Thank you for considering Communications Coaching with Coach Kiki, Kealah (KEY-la) Parkinson. Curious about competitive rates in the coaching industry? You can educate yourself with a quick overview here:

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