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Kealah is the co-author/contributing author to 4 books. Coach Kiki's mission: Speak your truth with confidence.

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The Partner's Guide to Asperger Syndrome

This supportive book will give NS partners a better understanding of NS/AS relationships, and of what other NS partners have found to be helpful in terms of better understanding themselves and their partners, and enriching their relationships.

Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Leaders

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Mindset Tools for Leaders helps you identify conscious and unconscious factors in your life that affect performance and highlights strategies that will take your performance as a leader to the next level. Read Kealah's chapter, "Riding the Waves of Imposter Syndrome."

The Successful Body: Using Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset to Live Better

Every moment of every day, you are intimately connected with your body, so why should you live with anything less that the best body you can? The Successful Body is a book about fitness, nutrition, and mindset, but it is also a book about common sense ways you can look better, feel better, and reach your goals. Read Kealah's chapter, "The Inner Journey from Shame to Success."

Healthy Thinking, Happy Life: Master Your Mindset and Get $#it Done!

One of the foundations of happiness is a healthy lifestyle. Improving your life and creating happiness is only possible by caring for your health first. Life's daily stresses may leave you tired, disorganized, and unbalanced, making accomplishing your goals difficult, if not impossible. Many people can tell you how to successfully live a healthy lifestyle based on how they do it. But what if their way doesn't work for you? Read Kealah's chapter, "Family Power: Self-Awareness through Fight-or-Flight."

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