Psst! Hey, humans with feelings …


Seriously, W.T.Heck with the feelings?

They bug you and get in the way at work, at home, and all through your decision making. You can learn why and what to do about it with The Four Corners of Feelings courses.

Hey there, you feeling human!

Are you ready to stop being so confused about HOW YOU FEEL?

You’ve lived your whole life up to this point making the right choices, doing all the outward things you’ve been told to do. And you do have something to show for it, whether it’s that decent car, a home you really do love most of the time or a mate you want to come home to … BUT …

Something is missing.

You’re not as happy as you expected you would be. And you’ve already figured out that happiness isn’t everything. But if happiness really isn’t everything … well, what is?

Do you find yourself … ?

… regretting your yeses, doubting your nos, worrying over the future & ruminating on the past?

If anxiety keeps you trapped in the doubt-fear-worry cycle no matter how successful you seem to the world, you may be SCARED to make a mistake. Does this sound like you?

When every little thing gets under your skin & you struggle to tolerate the people around you (who wants to suffer fools??), you may feel MAD at your limited choices in life. (Sound familiar?)

If it all just gets too hard, especially at certain times of year, you may feel SAD over unhappy experiences. And while that happens to all humans at one time or another … why does it seem to happen to you so often?

W.T Heck with feelings??! All humans have them. But WHY? And what exactly do we do with them?

Here’s the secret: Fight-or-flight—that stop-everything, what-the-heck-is-happening, pay-attention-now feeling that hijacks your brain (even when your life is NOT in actual danger)—is actually the most important feeling on the planet. It shuts off our higher-level, decision-making thinking & bumps us back down to primal survival mode. AND WHEN OUR LIVES ARE TRULY THREATENED, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. Feelings may feel funny … confusing … annoying, even. But FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Coach Kiki can teach you more.


The Four Corners of Feelings

For people who know that all humans have feelings … but don’t know why or what to do with them

You CAN feel and heal — whether it’s feeling mad, glad, sad or scared that trips you up the most wherever you are (at work, at home or in the classroom). Start right now with the feeling that has the most baggage in your life.

Explore them together with The Four Corners of Feelings Bundle. Discover why fight-or-flight is actually an asset (even for you!) and how you can take control of it NOW.


Let's have a look:


Live that peaceful, free-flowing life it seems that everyone else around you has learned to live. You can master your mad feelings by actually accepting your anger once and for all. This course shows you how.


Feel calm in your joy, instead of worried at your excitement. Even you can embrace your happy and still think clearly to say what you need to say. This is the course for you!


Be a full participant in your own life and the lives of those around you. You can let yourself be sad … and then let it go. Let this course teach you how.


Walk with easy confidence through your life. Learn the lesson of your anxiety, plus how to master your fears (instead of letting them rule you). Sign up to learn more.

a little love note from

-Coach Kiki

Hey, again, you human feeler. It’s Coach Kiki. And I just want you to know that I see you. You see, I’m a feeling human, too. And I spent too long hiding my feelings … and hiding myself from others. That’s why I recognize your pain and want to help you move into empowerment.

I know this works — mostly, because I’ve done it, myself. But also because I’ve spent 15 years as a professional Communications Coach teaching hundreds of people how to cycle out of fight-or-flight to think and speak clearly at work and at home (and even in the classroom), no matter which emotion trips up the most.

You don’t have to hide. It feels great to be seen … and to be accepted.

No matter whose voice whispers in your ear, “You’re too _________________ (mad, glad, sad or scared) to be really successful,” you can learn to trust yourself.

And from there, you can learn to live in peace to claim the success you deserve.


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Gain instant access to course materials & actionable support to feel and heal — what it's like to feel mad, glad, sad or scared, and navigate between what trips you up the most wherever you are (at work, at home or in the classroom).




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Master your mad feelings by actually accepting your anger once and for all. This course shows you how.



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Embrace your happy and still think clearly to say what you need to say.



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Fully participate in your life. You can let yourself be sad … and then let it go.



ONLY $37

Learn the lesson of your anxiety, plus how to master your fears.


I highly recommend! Kealah Parkinson has worked with my daughter to manage anxious tendencies, allowing her to thrive. Your approach and loving nature are the perfect fit, when working with children and their parents. Your teaching philosophy has always been ahead of the times — allowing for lasting, positive growth — at any age.

- Dr. Debra Corum

You’ve changed my life, one lesson at a time.

April Niksch

This (working with Kealah) is the best business investment I have ever made.

Melissa Osika

Hey There,

I’m Coach Kiki. I help you feel and heal, so that you can accept yourself — and your big feelings — to truly be successful.

I know what it feels like to suffer behind the scenes. My own experiences with BIG FEELINGS created a lot of hidden and open problems in my life, including addiction, a suicide attempt and more than one mental health diagnosis.

Through years of therapy, appropriate medication and most importantly learning to embrace my feelings AND LEARN FROM THEIR INFORMATION, I moved into recovery, rehabilitation and remission to find more stable success both inside and outside. (Hint: Inside made all the difference.)

You don’t have to have the extreme experiences I did to truly benefit from learning how to embrace your emotions and listen to what they are telling you. As your Communications Coach, I can help you to feel and heal and speak your truth with confidence.

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